There is a Blue Horizon for everyone

BlueBenx is a multi-financial services platform connected to the Blockchain.

Since 2018, we have launched a new concept of blockchain banking, with smarter features, exclusive products and secure access to the cryptocurrency universe.

We want to enhance each person’s financial choice opportunities through our platform and also encourage the formation of new HODlers through exclusive crypto rewards programs.

We offer more than 100 cryptocurrency options for trading on our exchange, in addition to crypto products that reward you in the long term, a card with differentiated benefits and a digital account with financial services, such as pix and payments in general.

We are present in Latin America and the European continent. And in Brazil we were elected the best cryptocurrency fintech to work for according to the Great Place To Work – GPTW ranking.


To be people’s top choice for the cryptocurrency market.


Enhancing people’s financial choice through cryptoeconomics.

Global presence

In 2019 we started our internationalization with the opening of two companies in European Union countries – Portugal and Estonia.

In 2020, we created the BlueBenx digital account 100% adhering to the rules of the Central Bank of Brazil.


BlueBenx Payments SA
CNPJ: 36.455.737/0001-46
Capital Corporate Office
Av. Dr. Chucri Zaidan, 1550 Conjunto 2515 – 25th floor – São Paulo / SP / Brazil


BlueBenx Europe LDA
NIPC: 515748544
Rua Nova de Quiraz, nº 255, 12 District: Porto Municipality: Maia Parish: Castêlo da Maia 4475 712 Maia


BlueBenx OÜ
Registration code: 14851865
Laki tn 30, Mustamäe linnaosa, Tallinn, Harju maakond, 12915.

Our People

Here our People are valued for who they are. Great ideas can come from any professional and are refined through the exchange of experiences.

It is our duty to always be a student, but sometimes we are also teachers”.

Our culture

The professional development of internal talents and the curiosity for growth in new roles are important points in the way of being Blue. Deliveries are evaluated objectively, with analysis of results and individual performance. Honesty, respect and kindness are essential characteristics of our people.

“Criticism is not personal, it helps us build and collaborate in a more productive and successful work environment.”

Our goal

Success only happens if everyone is on the same page. The work is done by people, as a team and there is always an incentive for everyone to participate, with the objective of making decisions together and achieving the best results for the business.

At BlueBenx, the best ideas prevail, focus on results and on building a learning environment and constant evolution.

“Success is not individual, it’s a team, it’s everyone’s. We share the responsibilities and are thrilled with the victories”.

Do the right thing

Transparency, integrity and total alignment in relation to what the company thinks, does and says.


With strategy, focus and discipline, it is possible to achieve achievements and transform the financial reality of people committed to their own success.