An intuitive and secure multifinance platform. Users can buy, sell, receive, send, store and monitor the main cryptocurrencies on the market with just a few clicks and right from their smartphone. You choose how you want to use BlueBenx’s multifinance platform.


BRL and Cryptocurrency

We present the indicators of cryptocurrencies so that you can do your own analysis of the assets when buying or selling each currency. In a simple way, we present the data with the different time intervals (1D, 1M, 3M, 6M and 12M), as well as showing the highest and lowest price of cryptos in each period.

We present the indicators in a simple way to

Help the user make a decision when buying or selling each crypto asset.

In order to reach HODlers, we present the indicators in a simple way to help in decision making.


In this option, instead of just showing the variation in 24 hours, there is a way to present the performance of the assets in other intervals: 1M, 3M, 6M and 12M and also in percentage. This allows the user to perform individual projections.


We present in the app cryptocurrencies that have been analyzed by our professionals, people who study the crypto market daily and are on top of the most current projects. You choose the crypto that has your profile and we show you all the information so you can carry out your own trades.

trading liquidity

Capital reserve incentive program.

BlueBenx Exchange is connected with the largest international crypto trading exchanges, has the technology and infrastructure to support trading cryptocurrency pairs with the highest market values, such as BTC, ETH, ADA, SOL, USDT and etc.


More than 100 cryptocurrency pairs are available for immediate purchases.


With high liquidity, asset availability and high trading volume.

To send

For other cryptocurrency wallets and other users, it is as easy as a bank transaction.

To receive

With just one click on the smartphone, the user can display the QR Code of their wallet or share their address for transactions.


Our customers can manage their withdrawals in the app in two ways: through the digital account where the crypto amount is automatically transferred to BRL or through the BlueBenx Debit Card (Visa), which is international and accepted in more than 60 million of establishments around the world, including online shopping.

To monitor

Users can easily monitor 100+ cryptocurrencies at their fingertips. Available indicators include prices, volume, market capitalization, 24-hour percentage change and are updated minute by minute.


High volume trading for retail or corporate users, with the best quotes on the market or with our reserve. In this environment, the user has a human and specialized service.