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The digital currency that is revolutionizing the global financial market

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to be invented; its emergence and technology were innovations capable of revolutionizing some important segments of the financial market. The best known digital currency was born with the proposal to transform the way we use money and facilitate payment transactions.


Its influence and popularity has been increasing in a meteoric scale; according to the World Economic Forum, by 2027, more than 10% of the entire planet’s GDP will be exposed in the digital assets market.

Understanding the reason for the existence of Bitcoin, its practical use in people’s daily lives, in addition to electronic market transactions and its growth history, are fundamental factors to analyze the infinite future business possibilities. Since 2016, BlueBenx has been dedicated to creating strategic visions about the cryptocurrency market; part of the result of this intelligence is demonstrated in these indicators.

“To understand the invention of Bitcoin, it is not enough to look at what we do with physical money today, but at what we still cannot do without it.” Roberto Cardassi, CEO at Bluebenx.

Principais Indicadores

Bitcoin pelo Mundo

Países que mais negociaram Bitcoin

Janeiro a Dezembro de 2019 | Volume Financeiro M/USD

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