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BlueBenx is a Brazilian fintech that, since its foundation in 2017, has in its DNA the technology for the development of products and solutions connected to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. We are on the way to making the Cross Chain concept an accessible and simple market practice.

+5,000 people

Over the last four years, we’ve helped more than 5,000 people get started in the crypto asset market: giving access, generating credibility and delivering excellent results for our customers.

Global Presence

In 2019 we started our internationalization with the opening of two companies in European Union countries – Portugal and Estonia.

In 2020, we setup the company in the United States. Also in 2020, we became a payment institution 100% regulated according to the rules of the Central Bank of Brazil.


  • Brasil

    BBX Pagamentos S.A
    CNPJ: 36.455.737/0001-46
    Rua Jandiatuba, 630 - Torre A CJ. 605, Centro Empresarial Jardim Sul Morumbi, São Paulo - SP / 05716-150

  • Brasil

    BlueBenx Tecnologia Financeira S.A
    CNPJ: 24.669.375/0001-07
    Rua Jandiatuba, 630 - Torre A CJ. 605, Centro Empresarial Jardim Sul Morumbi, São Paulo - SP / 05716-150

  • Portugal

    BBX Portugal LDA
    NIPC: 515748544
    Rua Nova de Quiraz, n.o 255, 12 Distrito: Porto Concelho: Maia Freguesia: Castêlo da Maia 4475 712 Maia

  • Estônia

    BlueBenx OÜ
    Registry code: 14851865
    Laki tn 30, Mustamäe linnaosa, Tallinn, Harju maakond, 12915.

“Over the years, the crypto market has grown and consolidated, proving that its large-scale adoption is a matter of time. At this moment, nothing prevents us from anticipating the future and being the change that the market needs; BlueBenx is the safe choice to be the bridge between the world of traditional finance and blockchain technology”.

Roberto Cardassi / CEO
  • Vision

    Build the fastest and most secure bridge between the world of traditional finance and blockchain technology, uniting them through cross chain; including access to cryptocurrency market on a global scale – We will be a vehicle for positive change and real gain in people’s lives.

  • Mission

    Leverage people’s financial future through the opportunities of the cryptocurrency market, in a legal and uncomplicated way.

Every success at BlueBenx comes from our culture of strategy

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The assets traded by BlueBenx are exclusively digital, and are not classified as securities, i.e., they are not regulated by the Brazilian Securities Commission – CVM. Digital assets are also not considered as securities endorsed by any government or monetary authority, including, but not limited to the Central Bank of Brazil. The User is aware that the Cryptoactives do not have any guarantee of the Credit Guarantee Fund – FGC, of the conversion to official currencies, or of the existence of backing in assets of any kind, being the holder aware and responsible for the risks inherent to the acquisition of Cryptoactives. The User must know and be sure of the risks of the operation before executing it, since cryptoactive products have high volatility and your investment is always high risk, with the possibility of losing all the capital invested in a short period of time. Past appreciation is no guarantee of future appreciation. Transactions with crypto-activities can generate financial losses, due to its very nature and the possible fluctuation of its price. BlueBenx, as an intermediary, has no control over the price or the devaluation of any digital assets. The BlueBenx is not responsible for investment decisions that may be taken based on the information disclosed, and there is no way to impute to BlueBenx any liability for damages, direct or indirect, that can be attributed to the material, since all your material is informative and represents a history reached. The User is solely responsible for the security and control of your codes / passwords / information that are required to access your account on BlueBenx Platforms request redemptions, make transfers, as well as perform any other activity available BlueBenx. Before participating, please refer to the terms of use and general conditions:

If you have any questions, please contact the BlueBenx team by phone: (11) 4130-1030 – our office hours are from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 6pm (EST). Or feel free to contact us by e-mail:, our customers’ questions are our priority.

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