What is BENX?

BENX is the native cryptocurrency of the BlueBenx ecosystem. A high-performance smart contract that offers regular reward payments, incremental liquidity provision, and multiple incentives for crypto HODlers.


Benx has the role of encouraging the formation of new HODlers!

We believe in cryptoeconomics and with discipline and time it is possible to have great results!

You can make a Benx stake for 90, 180 and 360 days and earn different rewards over that time.

The more time you invest in the crypto economy, the more HODler you are.

Hold & Earn

O Benx tem o papel de  incentivar a formação de novos HODlers! Acreditamos a criptoeconomia e com disciplina e tempo é possível ter grandes resultados!

Você pode fazer um stake do Benx pelo tempo de 90, 180 e 360 dias e ganhar recompensas diferenciadas ao longo desse tempo. 

Quanto mais tempo você investe na criptoeconomia, mais HODler você é.

Economic distribution of the token:

Benx was initially issued on the Stellar network and now, definitively, as a BEP-20 protocol on the Binance Smart Chain network.

1.2 billion tokens were made available, 100% for public sale.

Benx benefits

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

It is a native cryptocurrency, that is, from BlueBenx that is a blockchain multifinance platform for crypto HODlers. Launched in July 2018, it offers regular payouts and interest for cryptocurrency holders, along with services such as Savings, Fixed Staking, Exchange and Crypto Rewards on ecosystem transactions and wallet payments.

The role of the BlueBenx token (BENX) is, above all, to be a practical and efficient agent in the distribution of rewards from the BlueBenx ecosystem and to enable governance and interoperability between the application’s products and services. As a utility token, it is not just about operationalizing the ecosystem, but allowing access to savings, rewards, staking and credit programs, which will bring versatility and multiple benefits to BlueBenx users.

It aims to boost the acceptance of the BlueBenx application, with the movement of our ecosystem it will be possible to offer customers long-term retention programs, incentives with interest payments and liquidity when the customer wants to withdraw the cryptocurrency.

Anyone who registers on otc.bluebenx.com can immediately buy the token.

Yes, it is now available as ‘Private Benx’ for immediate hire.