Why we’re Here

We believe in transcending horizons with blockchain.

With good strategy and the blockchain technology, individuals and institutions today can still solve hard problems and change the world for the better.

In 2018, when we looked at existing financial technologies, we saw products that were too rigid to deal with real needs and customized systems with a focus on monopolizing transactions, as well as a lack of an innovative decentralized model.

We delve into automated approaches that failed against swings, compliance, and lack of risk management and that forced organizations to make unacceptable tradeoffs between offerings and custodians.

We saw the need for a different kind of fintech and knew it would take a different kind of company to build it. That’s why we founded BlueBenx.

What we Do

We build bridges that empowers organizations and individuals to effectively journey on blockchain.

We are focused on creating the best multifinance experience for companies, visionaries and cryptocurrency enthusiasts around the world to give them the power of financial choice and help them simplify complex things without requiring them to master languages, statistical modeling or trading.

To achieve this, we build platforms to give access to the blockchain universe, trade crypto assets, manage portfolios and tokenize values which we place applications and intelligence in second layers to generate performance and meet expectations.

We built our company around mission-driven strategy, focus and discipline

We are Holders and Builders, not Traders.

In our offices around the world, we have assembled a team with a strong focus on our mission that combines practical expertise in blockchains, smart contracts, user experience design, CEX and DEX networks, farming, pooling and staking products.

We design solutions that drive institutions and individuals to safely explore the crypto economy

We are producing a multfinance metaverse suited to regulations and quantitative growth.

That’s why we’re building an ecosystem designed to expand, break through barriers and transform the way companies and individuals can transact value in a new economic era, the era of the crypto economy. Our products and solutions help make the best of decentralization today and in the future, with the necessary accountability and full transparency to the community.